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19 Reasons Australian Shepherds Are The Best-Looking Dogs In The World

They're basically the top models of dog breeds.

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1. Australian Shepherds, or Aussies, are easily the coolest-looking dogs around.

2. They're basically the top models of the dog world.

3. Even when they're not trying.

4. They are just naturally beautiful dogs.

5. Their coat is wonderfully unique...

6. And comes in four basic color variations...

11. And the combinations are absolutely stunning.

12. This leads to a wide variety of gorgeous eye color, as well.

14. To magnetic deep brown...

15. And everything in between...

16. There's simply no other breed that has the captivating eyes of an Aussie.

17. Plus, they're super cute as teeny tiny puppies.

18. And equally handsome when they get older.

19. So do yourself a favor and get one, because not only are they lovely dogs, but they're also extremely intelligent and loyal.

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