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    Driven, Motivated, And Unstoppable

    Personalize your passion and vision

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    The success of your daily action does not depend on the individual approach to every situation, but on your deep-rooted motivations. It is important for you to take these steps every day. The long-term sustainability results you can achieve will be accomplished from your own desire to express certain content, which is a deep-rooted desire to address the challenge or to build your future as a clear vision. Discover this deep-rooted desire within yourself, day after day to take action, even in a challenging period, is also very important, it will allow you to unlock a hidden driving force, never seen before to succeed. The vision you have longed for, and the future you see in your life will begin to show magically before you.

    Even the greatest of mankind must be entrusted from the inside. Unless you have a clear idea, you cannot inspire or be inspired; Unless you want things to become apparent, and you have a driven forced from the inside to make your future real; Almost like a magnificent obsession in your life, a deep-rooted desire to achieve some meaning and value to yourself, so much compelling that no obstacles or challenges will slow down your time than necessary to explore it. And find out how to use it to your advantage, you can never stand out from the crowd and make a different.

    This magnificent obsession is about the person you want to be, the life you want to touch, people you want to reach out to, the legacy you want to leave on earth while you are gone. It’s never about the title on the door; or the hollow and unfulfilled reward of money. This is a driving force, a way of thinking, a continuous effort, towards the imagination of the direction of success; a vision and deep-rooted desire to achieve it; an unstoppable desire like a fire that burnt in your stomach, it motivates you mercilessly, and drives you to take action day after day, and continues to move towards the vision you have, and what is important to you for your future.

    Personalize your passion and vision; you will find the key to lifting your infinite power from the inside. For any motivation or inspiration to grant you any long-term value, it will either encourage you to answer the question; "Why is this relevant to me" or help you to strengthen your already well-established vision of what you desire in your future. Take, for example, Hector Picard, a double amputee who has competed in 136 triathlons; a four-time Ironman triathlete. Picard always carry a photograph of different children around his neck at each race, to honor 25 children he's trying to raise fun for. According to him, "When it's hot, and I'm tired, I look down at their pictures; They inspire me."

    Those are compelling desire burning deep down in Picard’s heart. The desire to help those kids are what gear him to compete in the 136 triathlons and then became the first double amputee to complete the Ironman competition when he finished the 2012 U.S. Championship in the New York City. That's a 2.4-swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride, and a marathon. In October, He entered the granddaddy, the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. I must let you know that you are your own undoing whatever you become or cannot become depends greatly on your desired towards it!

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