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    7 Popular MBA Specializations And The Future Job Perspective

    For a long and fulfilling career, one should take up a specialization .

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    With numerous government institutes, more than a handful state universities and a host of private institutions offering MBA, a lot of students from the length and breadth of the country are aspiring to pursue MBA. For a long and fulfilling career, one should take up a specialisation, which he or she feels is the right one for him or her. So, mentioned below are 7 popular MBA specializations and the prospective career options after that.

    1.MBA in Finance

    The scope of the syllabus in MBA in Finance revolves around the concepts of costing, budgeting, capital management, international finance etc. By pursuing MBA in Finance, the student gains skills in both in the fields of finance as well as business those are indispensable for a successful career. The prospective job opportunities for the MBAs in finance are as risk and insurance managers, cash managers, management consultants, credit managers, bankers, investment banking associates, treasurers and finance officers.

    2.MBA in Marketing

    With the subjects revolving around Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, Managing Financial Resources, Micro-Economics and Business Statistics, etc., it gives the candidates the opportunity to explore a career, which is full of responsibilities, challenging in nature, and has unlimited growth opportunities. After completion of the programme, the MBAs can work as a sales manager, project manager, market research analyst, brand manager, marketing manager etc. It is interesting to note that several CEO positions in multinational are held by marketing professionals.

    3.MBA in Accounting and Finance

    The scope of syllabus revolves around training the students in investigative strategies, interview principles, and techniques, data analysis programmes, financial statement reviews etc. This MBA specializations has recently seen an upward growth curve on the account of the rise of the fraudulent companies and white-collar crimes. Pursuing such a programme brings along some challenging as well as rewarding work opportunities.

    4.MBA in Business Analytics

    At present, every facet of data is thoroughly analysed to ensure the adaptability of business strategies according to the need of the customers. The syllabus of MBA in Business Analytics specializations is derived from all the major branches of MBA.

    5.MBA in HR

    A manager should have the skill to bring in, maintain and retain a strong workforce that is highly efficient and can adhere to the client deliverables. Also, the ever-changing dynamics of the businesses today no longer needs an HR who just recruits and trains. Instead, the HR professionals are expected to play a vital role in enhancing the asset value of the human capital in the organisation.

    6.MBA in Operations

    An MBA in operation is equipped to deal with the challenges faced in the production of a product. One learns to maintain the process flow by developing interdepartmental relationships.

    7.MBA in System Management

    This MBA specializations focuses on the incorporation of the processes with technology. The key skill is the ability to understand the various platforms and determine the IT requirement.

    A Quick Bundle of Information for Aspirants!

    For those seeking scholarship should appear for MAT, CAT, XAT and GMAT. This is because numerous reputed colleges and universities offer scholarships on the basis of the scores of any of these exams. Also, it is noteworthy that work experience is not compulsory for every programme.

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