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Jerry Seinfeld Denies Ke$ha a Hug: Is There More to This Then Meets the Eye?

What seems like Ke$ha just simply making an ass of herself may actually have a deeper meaning

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Jerry Seinfeld Denies Ke$ha a Hug: Is There More to This Then Meets the Eye?

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At a recent charity event in Washington, believe it or not something actually interesting happened. That singer, who when mention many say to themselves “Oh yea her...wait who” Ke$ha, managed to do something that’s perhaps just as, if not more cringeworthy than her music career as she desperately attempted to get a hug from a favorite celebrity. This particular action is something anyone should be ashamed of, especially if you’re also a celebrity. Of course, the most significant part of this all was the fact that the celebrity was the great Jerry Seinfeld. That’s a complete game changer to the entire situation. Everyone stops caring about Ke$ha making a reckless fool out of herself even quicker, because quite frankly, there’s a much more important matter at center of this all.

It was announced not too long ago that a date has been set for the season 9 premiere of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm. After a six year hiatus, the HBO Black Comedy starring Larry David will makes it’s return on October 1st with a new season. Jerry Seinfeld, who co-created “Seinfeld” with and appeared on Curb in the past with David did mention last year that he’d be willing to participate in new episode of the show by saying “Anything with Larry, I’m in”

Do you see what I’m getting at here? Now for anyone who's ever seen either ‘Seinfeld’ or ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ there should no be question that the incident between Seinfeld and Ke$ha is a situation worthy of those that take place on both shows. A situation that can be categorized as awkward, cringe worthy, and usually making the protagonist look like a bit of a jerk. So finally the idea I’m trying to present you with is the possibility of the aforementioned incident being a scene on the new season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ That also raises the question of whether or not this incident was staged or if it was a genuine act on both sides. I guess we’ll all have to wait until October 1st to find out.

As a closing thought, I will say that if this scene did indeed end up on Curb and was the focus of an episode where Jerry’s explaining his reasoning for choosing not to hug Ke$ha, it’d be a pretty interesting technique of using a (what appeared to be) real occurrence and working it into an episode, giving the show a more realistic element.

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