There Were So Many Incredible Moments In "Abbott Elementary" Season 1, But Here Are 14 Of My All-Time Favorites

    "Wait, does this mean that you're secretly Mormon? Cause you need more men!"

    14. When Janine made the power in the whole school go out:

    Janine and Jacob pant. Janine says, "Jacob helped me open the breaker!" to which Jacob says, "It was a chance to support a strong, Black woman"

    13. When Jacob's boyfriend stopped Jacob from being Jacob:

    Melissa looks back at Ava and says, "Did he just stop Jacob from being...himself"

    12. When Janine forced her work family at school to reveal their embarrassing secrets by bribing them with the best chicken in all of Philly:

    Janine tells Barbara, "If you want the Wok, you gotta talk." Barbara then looks at her hangry

    11. When Mr. Johnson gave Gregory some real felt advice that we could ALL relate to:

    Gregory and Mr. Johnson have a conversation. Mr. Johnson says, "But a dream can be a distraction, just as easy as it can be a goal"

    10. When Barbara helped Gregory talk to a mother whose kid was arriving late to school every morning:

    9. When Gregory followed Janine out into the rain with an umbrella after her coworkers made fun of her over her since-8th-grade-ditzy-boyfriend:

    Gregory holds an umbrella over himself and Janine.

    8. When Barbara and her daughter, Taylor, had a beautiful heart to heart:

    Barbara and Taylor embrace. Barbara looks at Taylor admiringly and says, "I love you. And I will ALWAYS be there for you"

    7. When Janine's boyfriend, Tariq, had a great Friends Against Drug Exposure (FADE) performance at school...

    Tariq with a microphone to his lips in front of a F.A.D.E sign.

    6. ...which allowed Gregory to loosen up and dance with his students:

    Gregory dances with his students

    5. When Courtney fooled Janine into thinking her antics were under control:

    A young student is smiling as she dances next to a white board that reads "[BLEEP] PUZZLES"

    4. When Janine and Principal Ava had a cute moment with each other at the end of their ~fabulous~ step performance episode...

    Janine and Ava dances. They have fun and laugh.

    3. ...and had another cute moment at the end of Ava's meeting to the school board:

    2. When Barbara took Janine out to dinner after an emotional up and down Open House:

    Janine is on her phone. Barbara appears and says, "Well. Looks like your work mom is free."

    1. And finally, the moment when Mr. Johnson found out Gregory has a crush on Janine:

    Mr. Johnson looks at the camera with a knowing look. He says, "Interesting."

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