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    BABY FEVER COMING THROUGH! Cardi B And Offset Unveil Their Newborn Son To The World

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    Bardigang for the win! After TWO weeks of (social) distancing herself from social media, Cardi B is back!

    An image of Cardi B.

    Once Cardi re-activated her Twitter and Instagram page, it wasn't long before she revealed the name (and some cute pictures) of her 7-month-old son, Wave. Wave is SO adorable, no wonder Cardi wanted to cherish him in private before showing the whole world her pride and joy!

    Wave's proud father (and Cardi's husband), Offset, also posted to Twitter a picture of their son bathing with some glittery chains on!

    This was all perfect timing, too, since the Cardi B family went on to do a photo shoot for the latest issue of the Essence magazine. All of Cardi and Offset's 5 children ~royally~ posed for the cover, as they should.

    It's always family first for the Cephus' ♥️ Introducing @iamcardib and @OffsetYRN for the May/June issue of @Essence 👉🏾 On newsstands 4/26

    Cori Murray / Via Twitter: @corimurray

    Video picture description: Cardi B holds Offset's hand, while Offset carries his 7-month-old son. Their daughter and older two sons pose in front of them.

    The Essence May/June cover marks the 52nd anniversary issue AND the exclusive reveal of Wave to the world. Plus, the cover gives the world a chance to see a beautiful, Black family as a whole.

    Cardi B holds her 7-month-old son in her arms, while Offset carries his daughter, who is kissing his cheek. Their other daughter and 3 sons pose in front of them, staring straight into the camera.

    But family does not equal the end of Cardi's work grind, though.

    Cardi B in shades and a yellow outfit. She poses with an over the shoulder look.

    Cardi appeared on Kay Flock's "Shake It" remix, which released on April 15th. Before the song dropped, though, part of her verse went viral on Twitter since fans couldn't help but to show love for her rapping skills.

    Her husband, Offset, also showed support for Cardi, tweeting, "I love when wifey be on da GanGsta time…..remind them where u started from."

    I love when wifey be on da GanGsta time.....remind them where u started from

    @OffsetYRN / Via Twitter

    Video image description: Cardi B is on somebody's neck, raising her arm up in excitement. Someone quote tweeted the video with the following caption: "I'm loving this voice on Cardi B!"

    Cardi also performed the Catchy ‘Seaweed Sway’ on Baby Shark’s Big Show! Her character, Sharki B, sings and raps in the show alongside her husband and 3-year-old daughter, Kulture.

    An image of Cardi B on the left and her animated character, Sharki B, is shown on the right. Her character is a shark with a killer yellow outfit and hoops, and a pearl necklace on her fin.

    Cardi B and her family are so precious, keep on doing your THANG!

    Offset and Cardi B look lovingly at their newborn child in a hospital bed.