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Lana Del Rey's Best Performances Ranked

Lana is the vintage queen of everything. Iconic in every way. I love watching her perform so I hope you find this list entertaining! Let's get started...

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15. Ultraviolence at PNE/Playland (Vancouver)

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(May 2014) The first ever performance of Ultraviolence. The audience is silent and Lana captivates everyone's attention for the entire song. It's always a special moment when Lana performs something for us peasants for the first time. Her spoken word bridge has everyone shook.

Welcome improvements: a better recording of this

14. Without You at Amoeba (Hollywood)

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(February 2012) She's so cute here! Back when she first started she had a lot of support from people who used to attend lots of her shows. So this intimate performance was really for her fans and friends. Classic Lana.

Welcome improvements: if this was a single it would have smashed

13. Diet Mountain Dew at Toronto Mod Club

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(November 2011) "I fucking hate encores but I really haven't done this song live but since my set is so short... so we're gonna try it! If you judge me... I'll kill you!" Slay. Such a lucky crowd to see Lana Del Legend perform before her album was released. She gives no fucks, she's just here to have fun! That's what life's about.

Welcome improvements: one of those huge balloons for free. I want one.

12. The End Of The World at The Living Room (New York)

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(December 2008) This is a mega throwback to when she was singing as good ol' Lizzy Grant. Her love for old classic songs isn't calculated by her label or plucked from thin air. She's always loved them. This cover shows a more vulnerable side to Lana. She's just a small club singer having a good time singing because she loves to sing.

Welcome improvements: a studio recording of this would be hella nice

11. Shades Of Cool at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion (Texas)

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(May 2015) Subjectively one of Lana's top 3 ever songs sang beautifully with her band on the Endless Summer Tour. The wind makes this performance iconic. It's like God himself was watching and was trying to add some weather effects. She glows like an angel and hits those notes pretty darn well.

Welcome improvements: a different damn dress

10. Old Money at Vida Festival (Barcelona)

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(July 2015) Lana pauses her set and blesses the crowd with an a capella performance of Old Money (also one of her best songs tbh). She holds a cigarette in one hand and sings into the microphone like an angel. She trips up on some lyrics but who gives a heck? This is pure magic.

Welcome improvements: if the fans could just stop screaming for one second for goodness sake an angel is standing right in front of you singing without music so you betta listen!

9. Yayo at Park Live Music Festival (Moscow)

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(July 2016) Lana is playing the guitar! By herself! AND singing! Queen of multitasking. This song is one of her favourites as it features on both her Lizzy Grant album and then reworked for Paradise. Absolutely gorgeous.

Welcome improvements: if angels literally started descended from the sky

8. Cola at Bravalla Festival (Sweden)

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(June 2014) She's sassy here. Those hairflips and vocal acrobatics. She's singing about her vagina but somehow it's tasteful and sexy. Only Lana could do that.

Welcome improvements: if she poured Pepsi all over herself and rolled around on the floor

7. Born To Die at O2 Academy (Manchester)

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(May 2013) This was one of the last times she was in the UK doing her own shows (cry). It's rare to get a studio recording of a non-festival performance but this one is fun. She's smiling, dancing around, working the crowd, playing with her band and a live string quartet! You get to see her tour as she intended it to be. Intimate and special.

Welcome improvements: I'd sell my kidney to watch the whole concert recorded this way

6. Florida Kilos at Cruzan Ampitheatre West Palm Beach (Florida)

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(June 2015) "Yas Rob! Rob slays." Lana sings her father's favourite song and it's the bonus track from Ultraviolence, Florida Kilos! This is the only time she's ever performed the song and look how much fun she's having. Who says Lana can't smile? The song is about doing drugs so of course everyone is loving it.

Welcome improvements: if she started snorting cocaine live on stage or something. I dunno, this performance is pretty flawless in how cool it is.

5. Money Power Glory at Festival de Carcassonne

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(July 2014) The mood of this performance is just right... it's dark, heavy, and powerful. Blake (her super hot guitarist) is absolutely slaying the guitar during this performance especially during the bridge. Her high notes sound amazing and her hair looks great.

Welcome improvements: more shots of Blake please

4. Million Dollar Man at Maida Vale Studios (London)

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(January 2012) Honestly better than the album version. This live performance with sounds from the album builds a beautiful jazzy atmosphere for the song. I just wish there was a video to this, I could just imagine her swaying or spinning round. This is still early into her Lana Del Rey career but she sounds so good. Even her ad-libs in the bridge sound on point.

Welcome improvements: a video of this!

3. Honeymoon at Maida Vale Studios (London)

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(September 2015) This performance is what an Ultraviolence version of Honeymoon would have sounded like. The bright strings from the album version have been replaced with haunting electric guitars and dark piano chords. The drums resemble rolling thunder in the distance. It's incredible.

Welcome improvements: for this to be put on Spotify and replace the album version asap

2. Video Games at The Corinthia Hotel (London)

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(January 2012) Just Lana in the hotel performing with Byron her pianist. No crowds to throw her off or scream annoyingly. No stage fright or pressure, just pure music. This stripped back performance allows Lana to shine and let her sound the best she's ever sounded. She looks beautiful. Plucked straight out of the past.

Welcome improvements: literally nothing. Play this at my funeral.

1. Serial Killer at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (Texas)

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(May 2015) What the fuck, Lana? Is she trying to kill us? So in case you don't know, Lana has around 300 leaked songs that she hasn't released and Serial Killer is one of the most ICONIC ones. And what does she do? She plays it live, scalps every bitch in the crowd and leaves them shook and quivering, gasping for breath. She cures everyone's acne, brings everyones grades up and no one in the crowd is depressed anymore. Queen of everything.

Welcome improvements: absolutely nothing. This was the moment I died of pure happiness.

Lana's new album 'Lust For Life' is out this summer. It features The Weeknd, Stevie Nicks and Sean Ono Lennon.

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