Foad Wax Moustache Wax To Give Away 10% During Movember

Moustache Wax brand Foad Wax is giving away 10% of its monthly sales to Movember. Make sure you can style that fancy moustache you've grown at the end of the month

moustaches • 6 years ago

Luke, I Am Your Mustache

Designer Jacob Engberg has a wonderful series of prints called Movies Made for the Mustache, wherein he swaps out words from famous film quotes with mustache icons. "I love the smell of mustache in the morning" isn't just a quotable line from "Apocalypse Now," it's what I chant to myself every day whilst waxing my handlebars. You can buy these prints here!

Gavon Laessig • 7 years ago

Moustache Wax

Foad wax brand Moustache Wax launches! A home made wax designed by a make up artist with an amazing tash. Great Product

moustaches • 7 years ago