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11 Times We've All Gotten Into Trouble For Having Fun

Not your fault that you have a different ideas of "fun."

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1. When you snuck out for that party, but your dad was waiting for you when you got home.

2. When you got a sweet tat that mum wasn’t too impressed with.


3. When you chucked a sickie but still posted an awesome picture from your day online. / Via Courtesy of Jana Pollack

4. When you thought finals footy would be the perfect time to go for a streak.

5. When your friends told the best jokes in a quiet zone.

夏爱克 (CC BY 2.0) / Via

6. When you had to get as much air as possible.

7. When regular roads just weren't good enough.

8. When you didn't think Mum would notice which TV show you were actually watching.

9. When the best place to be was always the hardest place to get to.

Teenage boys climbing on boulders in river
Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

Teenage boys climbing on boulders in river

10. When you found a much better use for shopping carts.

11. When you said you were at a "sleepover," but you were really at a concert.


Was it worth it? Definitely. Keep having fun and #DOTHEDEW.