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13 DIY Projects To Make Your Home More Colorful

Make your home pop with these simple steps. Indulge your love of color with the customizable Moto X.

1. Skinny strips of painter's tape on wood magnets make color blocking easy.

Courtesy of Simona Cavallaro / Via

You don't need a lot of paint, so make use of samples! If you need more samples, don a disguise to avoid judgement.

2. Use a colorful silhouette for bright and easy DIY art.

Emily May / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: emilysnuffer

For color that's modern, not crafty-looking. You can also substitute an animal for a family member's mug. Makes a great (and cheap) present.

3. Make cords and chargers colorful with strips of bright duct tape.

Courtesy of Jenni Radosevich / Via

The extra reinforcement also prevents breakage. Now your significant other can't claim they thought it was theirs when they steal your cord.

4. Paint a few boards of a reclaimed-wood accent wall.

Wicker Paradise / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: wicker-furniture

How amazing does that look? Amazing. It looks amazing.

5. Use old (or thrifted) album covers for a commitment-free accent wall.

Courtesy of Kate Smith / Via

Your teenage self is jealous already.

6. Give wooden numbers and a minimalist wall clock a colorful update.

Or buy this pre-made set here. You can even paint right onto the wall, if you live on the edge.

7. Or scrap the numbers and repurpose an old bike wheel.

Allan Young / pixelthis / Via

Because you happen to have a bike wheel lying around! Paint the frame for even more color, or purchase this one here.

8. Make any project involving chalkboard paint more colorful with mix-your-own chalkboard paint.

Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess / Via

Very useful in a tiny kitchen for cute DIY without all the overwhelming black.

9. Add colored marbles to a wooden fence for subtle color and light.

Courtesy of Eric Johnson / Garden Drama / Via

If you throw a party in your backyard at twilight, the colorful bursts of light are going to make your photos look super professional. Get the super simple how-to here.

10. Create an ombre effect with vases in a bright, similar hue.

denise carbonell / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: denisecarbonell

There is no such thing as too much ombre. For more of a color pop, contrast with the wall color.

11. Use a bright, retro fabric to make a slipcover for your headboard.

Courtesy of Tater Tots and Jello / Via

Bonus? It's easy to change and totally transforms a room.

12. Turn colorful old books into a bright, modern lamp.

Courtesy of Gina / The Shabby Creek Cottage / Via

Not for the drill-shy. The books get wrecked, so use books you like, but not books you LOVE.

13. Use stencils or contact paper to add bold color to a plain nightstand.

Stacie / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 35754040@N04

This one was decoupaged with wrapping paper, which is way easier to do than it is to pronounce.