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The 10 Best Epically Long Movies In Film History

Before the age of short attention spans, Film makers really pushed the boundaries of film length. Here are some of the world's best movies that go on and on, like the new DROID* RAZR HD By Motorola, with a 24 hour battery**.

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1. Sleep - 5 hr, 21 min / Via

More of an art piece than anything, Andy Warhol's "Sleep" is one of three super-length movies he put out at the height of his success in the 1960's. This one, which focuses on hour upon hour of sleep footage, would cure anyone from insomnia.

2. The Clock - 24 Hours


Video artist Christian Marclay's day-long oeuvre "The Clock" received Golden Lion award at the 2011 Venice Biennale, and is currently in view at New York City's MoMa. The film simply consists of thousands of time-related scenes, making it the world's longest supercut, ever.

3. Les Misérables - 5 hours, 59 minutes


Long before Anne Hathaway's Oscar-buzz generating performance as Fantine, there was this very, very lengthy and silent interpretation of Les Misérables, which dates all the way back to 1925.

4. Sátántangó - 7 hr, 12 min


Got seven hours to spare and the desire to have your heart filled with soul crushing sorrow? Then "Sátántangó" is the film for you! This 1994 Hungarian film is shot in black-and-white and follows the unwinding of a collective farm in Hungary as Communism came to an end.

5. Cleopatra - 5 hr, 20 min


Arguably Elizabeth Taylor's most famous role, "Cleopatra" did not run short on time. Though shorter cuts eventually ran in theatres, the Director's Cut came in at a punishing 320 minutes.

7. The Human Condition - 9 hr, 34 min


Comprised of three shorter movies, the Japanese film "The Human Condition" was filmed over three years (1959-1961) and focuses on one character life as he navigates his oppressive post-WWII surroundings.

8. The Deluge - 5 hr, 16 min


This historical drama about the Swedish invasion of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the 17th century might not be fascinating to a lot of people, but it does include one of the best sword-dual scenes of all time.

9. Melancholia - 7 hr, 30 min / Via

Not to be confused with Lars von Trier's 2011 movie by the same name, "Melancholia" is a marathon of a Filipino movie which won the Best Film in the Horizons Section of the 65th Venice Film Festival.

10. 1900 - 5 hr, 18 min


Take a big dose of young Robert De Niro, mix in some Gérard Depardieu, and add a dash of Burt Lancaster, and any movie - even a five hour film based in early 20th century Italy - sounds pretty entertaining.

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