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15 Adorable Pictures Of Pets With Antlers

Prepare your eyes for the blinding cuteness.

1. Everyone is cuter with antlers, even this grumpy-looking cat.

2. These puppies definitely are.

3. And so is this angelic-looking kitty.


5. And how about this teensy-weensy Rudolph impersonator?

6. And, gosh, this husky couldn't be more aw-inducing.

7. And, hello, this cat who is just ~tew much~.

8. Or this little dude who is actually startled by how darn ADORBS he is.

9. Or this reincat who is just begging for the cuddles?

10. OR what about this mini pig who is really rocking these antlers?

11. And would you just take a look at this tabby, who has had antlers forced upon her? But, whatever, she's chill.

12. Or take a gander at this ferret, who has these perfectly sized, wonderfully metallic antlers?

13. And who's a good boy with his handsome antlers?!

14. And what could be more adorable than this cat, who clearly isn't happy about her antler situation even though it's obviously a LOOK?

15. And, last of all, this pretty girl who is very patiently waiting for the holidays to arrive.

These furry guys switched it up for the holiday season, proving that different is definitely better.

Adding antlers makes animals extra-cute, just like the Moto Mods™ make the Moto Z™ Droid an extra-perfect gift this holiday.

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