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    11 Easy Ways to Throw A Magical Harry Potter Brunch

    *HINT* You can make most of these decorations by printing them off the copy machine at work!

    1. Greet your guests with a Platform 9 ¾ sign.

    2. Address letters to Mr. H. Potter & hang them in your doorway.

    3. Encourage guests to clean up after themselves with this house-elves on strike sign.

    4. Warn guests of moving stairs with this printable.

    5. Rope off your stairway to the third-floor corridor with this warning from Dumbledore.

    6. Turn mimosas into Liquid Luck.

    7. Make your drinking glasses photo-worthy with these labels.

    8. Print Hogwarts artwork for your stairway.

    9. Hide Cornish pixies in your flowers.

    10. Create a photo backdrop for guests using wanted wizard posters.

    11. Sneak Moaning Myrtle into your bathroom.