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Which 310 Roommate Are You?

You know you want to know.

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  1. Blackbird
    Sunset Fields
    Front Campus
    The Roof
    Her bed
    That dam jumping bridge
  2. midnight snacking
    telling really long stories about everything in your life
    extreme organic and exquisite cooking
    rearranging the furniture
    going to bed extremely early
    drinking straight out of the milk carton
    screaming words that make everyone freak out
  3. good advice giver
    laughs at others jokes whether they are funny or not
    little words of encouragement
    strong listener
    always giving cuddles
    fun to be around
    being rational
  4. sitting on counters
    forgetting about clothes in washer or dryer
    forgetting to unload the dishwasher
    leaving water bottles scattered all over the house
    obsessively cleaning and organizing
    leaving food in the sink
    pretending you're not sick when you actually are
  5. Greece
    New Zealand
    New York City
  6. cockroaches
    being startled
    posion ivy
    falling from high places
    I'm not afraid of anything #fearless
  7. That late night time we all discretely pelted old grapes at Gigi and her friend on the roof
    giving house tours to everyone who knock on the door and says "omg i love your house"
    eno hangs on the front porch
    That one time we were trying to make a buzzed house quiz, and a baby beetle crawled into Gigi's pants
    when I thought I had hypothermia (thermometer said 93 degrees), but actually I just used a broken thermometer
    finding a penny in my dairy queen mini blizzard #somilledgeville
    there's too many!!!! how do I choose?!?!?!
  8. Bad and Boujee - Migos
    Party - Chris Brown
    Ready for It...? - Taylor Swift
    Baby Got Back - Sir Mix A Lot
    Yeah - Usher
    Me Too - Meghan Trainor
    Church Clap -KB, Lecrae
  9. Gilmore Girls
    The Office
    Gossip Girl
    Criminal Minds
    One Tree Hill
    Grey's Anatomy
    Parks and Rec
  10. canned soup (so underrated, so yummy)
    leftover pasta
    I'd find a way to make my baked tilapia.
    I'd probably make my roommates make me something.
    I am confident in my ability to make a five star, healthy meal in under five minutes.
    I wanna make food at my own pace. Don't rush me.

Which 310 Roommate Are You?

You got: Maranda Blum

AKA Taylor Swift. You are the mom/tswift of the group. Not only do you continually encourage and support others with your gentle personality, but you work hard and are set on your goals. You love to sit on the front porch with your coffee and guitar during your free time, but can also be quite the busy gal making blackbird dates and doing mass communications work. Also, you always have an abundance of motivational quotes. #trendy #motivational

Maranda Blum
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You got: Anna Schureck

Hey there turd. You love people and asking questions to truly understand someone. Your bubbly personality and willingness to learn more about others makes you an excellent leader and friend. You can also be quite the prankster and quick to make someone laugh when they're down. Oh and did I mention you're pretty hip?

Anna Schureck
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You got: Abbey Chakalos

AKA chacos/chocolate toes. You are always loving on others with your hugs and sweet notes. The amount of time you spend putting in work for the classroom reflects how deeply you care for the nuggets you teach and your friends. You also have a low key grandma side tho and enjoy going to bed early and having things organized and in place. Not a fan of pranks and bugs, but a big fan of all things camp. #moist

Abbey Chakalos
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You got: Gigi Nicholl

Hey nature gal. You are always outdoors and ready for the next grand adventure. If we can't find you in the house, we can bet you are sitting on your roof. If you don't have your water bottle, Dunkin' Donuts coffee is right there in hand. Your chill personality and easy going spirit make you one great friend to hang around. We can always count on you to not take life so serious and to always be down for the next thing ahead. #granola

Gigi Nicholl
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You got: Kylee Hartman

Hedgehogs, sunsets, string lights, and muffins are a few of your favorite things. You also have a fear of roaches and all things that crawl (like a high key fear). Fear doesn't get in the way of your joy though, you constantly radiate light and are always down for a good dab and when the jams come on. There is no dull moment with you in the room.

Kylee Hartman
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You got: Madi Harty

AKA Kobe. You are the life of the party. None of your friends are actually funny but you make them feel special by laughing at their jokes anyways. Some of your talents include yelling "KOBE" and throwing random objects around the kitchen, killing bugs, and being an incredible listener and friend.

Madi Harty
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You got: Morgan Sangster

Gangster Sangster. You love meeting new people and never fail to brighten someone's day with your strange and wonderful laugh. Your insta is always hip and you're always down for a long talk about the things that matter most to you. Other skills include: burping and storytelling.

Morgan Sangster
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