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    25 Awesome Things To Buy At The Asos Up To 70% Off Sale

    Give me everything.

    1. A striped dress with a tie waist.

    2. A red polka dot top.

    3. A sleeveless blouse in blush.

    4. A patterned beach tote.

    5. A pack of three moon necklaces.

    6. A red floral print blouse with a tie in the front.

    7. A pair of zigzag weaved heels.

    8. A top with a built-in choker.

    9. An gold chain trim one-piece swimsuit.

    10. A ring with spikes.

    11. A pair of yellow shorts with a pom-pom hem.

    12. A pair of metallic low heels.

    13. A high-rise denim skirt.

    14. A cami dress layered with lace.

    15. A mini skirt with a mixed print.

    16. A pair of cropped skinny jeans.

    17. A lilac crossbody bag.

    18. A one-piece swimsuit with a halter neck.

    19. A black and white jumpsuit printed with flowers.

    20. A pair of ripped skinny jeans.

    21. A metallic bomber jacket.

    22. A black elastic waist belt.

    23. A pair of nude pink denim shorts.

    24. A pair of thread through earrings.

    25. A denim jacket with a medium wash.