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    25 Pieces Of Furniture You'll Actually Be Able To Put Together Yourself

    Forget the days of hiring a handyman!

    1. A retro desk with metal hairpin style legs.

    2. A counter-height table set finished with faux marble.

    3. A table that expands for more space and comes with two stools.

    4. A wood coffee table with a bottom shelf for additional storage.

    5. A TV stand that fits up to a 60" television.

    6. An accent table equipped with a drawer and cabinet for storage.

    7. A console table perfectly-sized for the hallway.

    8. A mirrored medicine cabinet with an adjustable shelf.

    9. An over-the-toilet three-tier shelving unit.

    10. A five-shelf bookcase designed as a ladder.

    11. A sofa with velvet textured fabric.

    12. A contemporary accent chair that swivels.

    13. A platform bed with a tufted linen upholstered headboard.

    14. A mirror that doubles as a jewelry cabinet.

    15. A lounge chair with tufted buttons.

    16. An entryway shelf that has four hooks.

    17. A contemporary rack for hanging coats, hats, and accessories.

    18. A bench that stores 18 pairs of shoes.

    19. A gliding nursery chair with a matching ottoman.

    20. A modern plush futon made with linen fabric.

    21. A crib that converts into a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size headboard.

    22. A storage bench with a seat cushion.

    23. A wine cabinet to store 24 bottles of wine and nine glasses.

    24. A bed frame that has enough room for underneath storage.

    25. An ottoman with sleek chrome legs.

    Time to be your own handyman.