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    21 Funny "Parks And Rec" Moments That Prove The Women Are The Best Part Of The Show

    "Are you buying 4,000 rubber nipples from me or not?"

    1. When April came up with the best nickname we've ever heard.


    2. When Leslie reminded us that a girl's gotta have priorities.

    3. When Donna spilled the tea on her love life.

    4. When Leslie threw shade at Councilman Milton like nobody's business.

    5. When Anne gifted us with some of her most awkward flirting of the show.

    6. When Leslie tried to convince Ron that Jamm deserved to be saved from the evil clutches of Tammy.


    7. When Leslie couldn't hide her disdain for healthy food even when chasing votes.

    8. When April suddenly became the most relatable character on the show.


    9. When Leslie wistfully clarified her relationship with Ann at the sperm bank.


    10. When Donna became a saleswoman during the government shutdown.


    11. When Leslie reflected on the magic of baked goods.

    12. When Ann was the only single lady at Galentine's Day lunch.


    13. When Leslie gave us the funky update to girl code that we will remember for all time.

    14. When April laid down the roommate law with Ben.

    15. When Leslie and Ben discussed campaign strategy with Jennifer Barkley and her poncho.


    16. When Ann said exactly what we're all thinking when it comes to exercise.

    17. When Leslie invited herself and the girls to join Ron's hunting trip (our invite must have gotten lost in the mail).

    18. When April offered some stiff competition in the Miss Pawnee Beauty Pageant:

    19. When Leslie slipped in a delightful Harry Potter reference.


    20. When Ann gave Ben some parting words of wisdom at her going away party.

    21. And finally, who could forget when Leslie whipped out every stereotype in the book to save Tom's butt from jail after he shot Ron in the head.