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A Twist On A Roll

A sushi roll, that is

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A Sushi Burrito?

Yes, that's right.

This week I had the pleasure of discovering something I thought only existed in my dreams, a sushi burrito.

I found this delectable dish at Bonsai Fusion Sushi, a Japanese eatery located in Charlotte's 7th Street Public Market. The market is a popular destination in Uptown, housing 12 local shops and food establishments. Priding itself on the high volume of local ingredients used throughout, the 7th Street Public Market is a perfect spot for Bonsai Fusion Sushi.

The founders of Bonsai Fusion Sushi describe it as "new and fresh twist[s] on traditional sushi fusing different elements, techniques, and styles."(bonsaifusioncharlotte) Each menu item is made-to-order and prepared right in front of the customer.

Exactly what I experienced upon ordering the sushi burrito.

The dish contains spicy tuna, edamame hummus, spring mix, carrots, beets, cilantro, jalapeño, avocado and a chipotle honey sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla. A filling combination of health-packed ingredients. The spicy tuna reminds you of a traditional sushi roll, but the beets and spring mix add an unexpected twist.

Priced at only $10, the sushi burrito is a great option for a healthy lunch if you're looking for something a little different.

Check out Bonsai Fusion Sushi at:

225 E. 6th Street

(Inside 7th Street Public Market)

Charlotte N,C 28202

T: 704-620-1534

Mock tweet: "The star of Bonsai Fusion Sushi's menu"

Morgan Pike

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