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    36 Reasons Why I Love My Dog (According To Dog Parents)

    If these answers don’t make you want to immediately hug your dog (or adopt one), I don’t know what will.

    Unconditional love, cuddles, and adventures aren’t the only benefits of loving and owning a dog. When I asked my friends on social media why they love their dog, this is what they had to say.

    1. No matter what, my dog is always happy to see me.

    2. I will never know loyalty like the loyalty he shows me.

    3. Having a partner who's always ready to adventure and travel with you.

    Melanie Marie

    4. It's like having a live-in best friend. My dog is always there and always will be for as long as he lives.

    5. It's so simple to love him/her.

    6. My dog brings out the best of me and makes me strive to be the amazing person he thinks I am.

    Leslie McMahon

    7. She's always happy -- to be alive and to share that happiness.

    8. She’s forgiving of flaws and faults.

    9. No matter how sad or down you are at times, they will be there to bring your spirits up or just lay next to you to keep you company.

    Kimie Winton

    10. My dog is a good listener when I have something to say and no one else to say it to.

    11. We share a bond that is pure and unlike any other.

    12. Being able to connect with a soul that doesn't care what you look like, how much money you have, how much you weigh, or how big your house is -- none of that matters one bit.

    Tatiana Ludwig

    13. Dogs know when you are sad, sick, or just having a bad day, and they care like no person could.

    14. I always feel protected and safe knowing I have him to look after me.

    15. I love my dog because people suck.

    John Scileppi

    16. When you are having one of those days when you feel like everyone/everything is against you, you can always count on your dog’s unconditional love to carry you through.

    17. My dog is my soulmate.

    18. They don’t judge, and their love and support are continuous throughout their life.

    19. Cuddles. And more cuddles.

    Erica Fagien

    20. An unbridled enthusiasm for life.

    21. You can’t dwell on misfortune with a dog around because they will always show you something positive, like love or cuddles.

    22. My dog loves me even when I don't love myself.

    23. Having a dog that relies on you to keep them alive ensures that even if you do nothing else in your own life, you have to get up out of bed and take care of their needs.

    Ally Gruber

    24. We have a silent understanding of each other.

    25. The best part is having someone to share your life with.

    26. He stays obsessed with me and loves me more than he loves anything else.

    Emily Killian

    27. He can always change my mood for the better.

    28. The best part is having something love you so unconditionally... because they really don't know anything else.

    29. He is my partner in late night snacks.

    30. She greets each of her one-time playmates as if they are returning royalty when they visit.

    Alexander Young

    31. I always have someone to watch sports with.

    32. Dogs appreciate things that people don't.

    33. You're never lonely.

    Melanie Marie

    34. You are the best thing that's happened to them. And that's a good feeling.

    35. He’s a reminder to enjoy the simpler things in life.

    36. As long as I have my dog, my bed will always be warm, my heart will always be full, and my house will always be a home.

    Jenni Madds

    If these answers don’t make you want to immediately hug your dog (or adopt one), I don’t know what will.

    Why do you love your dog? Share your reasons in the comments below.

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