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15 Emotions Girls Who Take A Million Years To Get Ready Know All Too Well

For all the girls that take about 2 hours or more to get ready... It takes time to look this good!

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Be Ready in 30 Minutes! / Via

I don't even want to go anymore....

When People Ask How Long It Takes You To Get Ready and You Refuse to Answer / Via

I Feel Like You're Judging Me

When You Already Took Two Hours to Get Ready and You Don't Like The Outcome..

reddit / Via

They wouldn't mind waiting another 2 hours..... Right?

When Your Friends Put You On A Schedule To get Ready in Time / Via

You Only Have 7 minutes to take a shower.

When You Can't Decide Between Which Shade of Black To Wear / Via

Does This Black Go With This Black?

When You Already Spent 30 Min Trying to Perfect the Perfect Playlist to Get Ready To


It's impossible to do makeup without music right?

When You Think You Finally Improved The Amount Of Time It Takes You To Get Ready But You Actually Don't Even Want To Go Out Anymore

All this getting ready makes a girl exhausted anyways
Morgan DeChalus

All this getting ready makes a girl exhausted anyways

When You Discuss Your Shower Routine and Realize Not Everyone uses 7 different soaps


So you.... like .... don't exfoliate?

When You Feel Completely Sick When Someone Says They Can Get Ready in 15 Minutes / Via

So you just don't care about the way you look?

When Your Friends Tell You The Plans Two Hours Before the Actual Time So they Don't Have To Wait For You To Get Ready

When people say you take forever to get ready

Morgan DeChalus / Via Twitter: @_morrgannn

I Don't Even Take That Long.....

When You Make Jokes That You Can Get Ready In 1 Hour And No One Laughs / Via

4 hours....1 hour same difference

When You Have To Spray Perfume Multiple Times While Getting Ready Because It Might Have Faded / Via

Nothing wrong with a few extra sprays

When Your Friends Try To Host an Intervention On Your Getting Ready Habits

I Don't Have A Problem.... Okay...

I Don't Have A Problem.... Okay...

When You Take A Thousand Selfies Just To Get One That Is Gram Worthy

e / Via

But First Let Me Take a Selfie...

When You Read This List And You Think Thank God I Am Not As Bad As This Girl

Syfy / Via

I knew someone had to be worst than me

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