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10 Reasons To Vote Blue All The Way Down The Ballot

This election is about more than just the president. If you care about your city, county, state, and country, vote blue in your local elections!

1. You think public schools should get more money.

Gracie Films / Via

You're gonna want a Democratic congressional representative to help with that. The Republican House hasn't been much help.

2. In fact, you think everyone in America should get the education they want.

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Good news! The Democrats think like you do on this one.

3. You want your reps speaking up for issues that affect women.

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This looks like a job for your Democratic senator! Not your Republican one, to be honest.

4. You want to breathe fresh air in your local parks.

Get yourself an environmentally conscious state legislator! You'll want a Democrat because the GOP has a different idea of what counts as fresh air.

5. You want to protect your National Parks, too.

If you want to protect the blue sky of our wide-open spaces, you'll want to protect the blue in Congress, not the red.

6. You like drinking clean water.

We know this seems like a no-brainer, but for some Republicans in Congress, it's not.

7. You want everyone to pay their fair share for potholes in the street.

TV Globo / Divulgação / Via

If everyone chipping in for your city is music to your ears, then vote for a Democratic mayor to make your city better.

8. You think everyone deserves a living wage.

The Democrats have got you, boo. Vote 'em in to your city council!

9. In fact, you want the economy to get better for every American, whether they're rich or not.

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Want everyone to be a little better off? History says you want Democrats in office!

10. Diversity is important to you.

You'll want to vote blue all the way down the ballot because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

On November 8, we're not just voting for the first female president. Vote blue all the way down the ballot for your senator, representatives, governor, city council, and anyone else who can make your community better. Visit More of This™ to learn more.

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