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10 Reasons To Vote Blue All The Way Down The Ballot

This election is about more than just the president. If you care about your city, county, state, and country, vote blue in your local elections!

1. You think public schools should get more money.

2. In fact, you think everyone in America should get the education they want.

3. You want your reps speaking up for issues that affect women.

4. You want to breathe fresh air in your local parks.

5. You want to protect your National Parks, too.

6. You like drinking clean water.

7. You want everyone to pay their fair share for potholes in the street.

8. You think everyone deserves a living wage.

9. In fact, you want the economy to get better for every American, whether they're rich or not.

10. Diversity is important to you.

On November 8, we're not just voting for the first female president. Vote blue all the way down the ballot for your senator, representatives, governor, city council, and anyone else who can make your community better. Visit More of This™ to learn more.