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    Just 31 Halloween Products From Target That Are Ridiculously Fun

    If you've got it, haunt it. 👻

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A faux pumpkin, because what's more Halloween than pumpkins? Pile a few pumpkins in every room to complete the haunted house of your dreams.

    2. A spooky mug for those particularly ghoulish mornings. It's the cutest way to get your daily caffeine fix.

    A halloween mug

    3. A floating skeleton that'll add the perfect amount of creepy to your Halloween decor. Heads up — I hear this guy can be a real bonehead. I'll be here all day folks!

    A floating skeleton

    4. A doormat to help those candy-craving kids remember their line. Deter dirty feet and pass out something sweet!

    A trick or treat doormat

    5. A mega spiderweb, because no Halloween setup is complete without some spiderwebs hanging from the window. Drape it over your front door for just the right amount of fright.

    6. A skull bust, so you can act out your best Hamlet soliloquy. To buy or not to buy? There is no question here – just add to cart.

    7. A set of skull string lights that'll provide the perfect amount of mood lighting. Halloween party at your place this year!

    A string of skull lights

    8. An inflatable ghost for the friendliest greeter. Call him Casper and get ready to want to keep him on your porch all year long.

    An inflatable ghost

    9. A wall decal, so you can remember the how-tos of the holiday that's happening this month. Stick it on your wall and enjoy!

    A trick or treat wall decal

    10. A skeleton dog toy, because your furry friend deserves a treat too. Get your pup in the holiday spirit with this spook-tacular chew toy.

    11. An inflatable Mickey vampire for an adorably scary decoration. Don't fear the reaper with this cute display.

    An inflatable mickey vampire

    12. A scented Halloween candle that'll fill the air with the sweet smells of fall. Breathe in pumpkin, caramel apple, or chocolate cupcake scents for a real treat.

    A halloween candle

    13. A haunted gingerbread house kit, because cookie houses aren't just for December. Now you can have your cookie house and eat it too!

    A Halloween house kit

    14. A coffee mug for your morning brew. When life's a witch, it's time for more coffee.

    A black coffee mug

    15. An inflatable 5-foot pumpkin stack that'll top off your front-lawn decor. What's better than one pumpkin? A stack of three!

    A five foot three stack pumpkin inflatable

    16. A 20-pack of festive napkins to serve with your spooky hors d'oeuvres at your Halloween party this season. You'll certainly be the ~ghostess with the mostess.~

    A pack of halloween napkins

    17. An LED collapsible bat decoration, because it's too cute not to get. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, it'll have people exclaiming, "Frickin' bats!"

    A LED bat halloween decor

    18. A skull-shaped mini-cake pan that'll take your baking skills to the next level. And if sweets aren't your thing, it can also be used for ice cubes, pizza rolls and little meatloaves. Delicious and creepy!

    A skull shaped cakelet pan

    19. An LED rotating ghost projector, so you can really ring in the spooky season. Better yet, drop this off on your ex's doorstep to formally and literally ghost them.

    20. A Halloween throw blanket that'll be perfect for snuggling up while watching classic horror flicks like Casper The Friendly Ghost. You know, the reeeeally spooky stuff.

    A halloween throw blanket

    21. An LED jack-o'-lantern projector that will be the best trick-or-treater greeter ever. This jolly pumpkin head is a Halloween minimalist's dream decor.

    A orange LED jack o lantern projector

    22. A two-tiered metal serving tray, so you can serve up sweet treats in proper spooky style. The only problem you'll have is keeping your desserts in stock!

    A two tiered serving tray

    23. An LED garland for lighting up the night. Pop it on your dining table, mantel or console for an Eldritch ambience and on-point table-scape.

    24. An animated skeleton that'll deliver all the boos to those who dare pass by. By the way, what does a skeleton waiter say? Bone-appétit!

    An animated skeleton

    25. A two-pack of Halloween hand towels for a festive restroom. Set the scene with this ultra-plush set of towels that comes in an array of color combos and patterns.

    A set of halloween hand towels

    26. A set of LED stake pathway lights, because Halloween is all about tricks and treats, not tripping! Light up your walkway with these seriously spooky illuminators.

    27. A set of four Halloween mason jar mugs that'll be the perfect glass for your spiced mulled wine this Hallows Eve. Sip and stay spooky!

    A set of halloween mason jars

    28. A reversible sign so you can let trick-or-treaters know the status of your candy stash. It's the perfect way to avoid actual conversation with strangers.

    29. A hanging spider, because it's not Halloween without some dangling spider decorations. Do you know what a spider's dream job is? A web designer! (Sorry not sorry.)

    a hanging spider over a table with other halloween decor

    30. A spooky wall decal that'll be the ultimate cautionary wall art. Check your fears at the door and enter at your own peril...

    a halloween wall decal

    31. A purple, orange and white LED spotlight that'll create an enticing yet spooky atmosphere. Get ready to be the hottest haunted house on the block.

    A LED spotlight

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