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10 Struggles Of Driving In The Winter

When you can’t tell if the frost is on the inside or the outside of your windows.

1. Waking up to find your car has been replaced with a giant car-shaped mound of snow.

2. Then removing that snow only to discover an icy surprise underneath.

3. Realizing your ice scraper is trapped inside the frozen prison of your car.

4. Finally shoveling out your car, getting inside, and it’s somehow even colder than it is outside.

5. Turning on the car, blasting the heat, and instantly losing all visibility.

6. Having the snow from your boots melt and basically form a kiddie pool at your feet.

7. Hitting the gas but not going anywhere.

8. Two words: roof snow.

9. Avoiding all the drivers who forgot the concept of snow.

10. Not to mention trying to keep your car clean despite all the mud, slush, and salt constantly spraying it from all sides.

Animation by Tyler Naugle / © BuzzFeed

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