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18 WWII-Era Photos To Make You Believe In Love

In the toughest of times, they wore their hearts on their sleeves. For another inspiring look at our greatest generation, catch The Monuments Men in theaters now.

1. This soldier acting as a desk for his friend:

2. This POW's final steps home:

3. This gaggle of lovers:

4. This "no, no, not yet" goodbye:

5. This boy's donation to a neighborhood aluminum collection:

6. This Canadian soldier and his new British girlfriend:

7. This man and his best friend:

8. This gentle handoff:

9. These sisters and their babies at their brother's welcome home party:

10. This reunion:

11. This soldier's day off:

12. This sweep:

13. This proud papa:

14. This 60-something lifting with his buddies:

15. This daughter awaiting her father's arrival home:

16. This charitable table of "orange rations":

17. These buddies and these thumbs:

18. And this whisper:

Brought to you by the incredible true story of The Monuments Men. Catch the film in theaters now.

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