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15 Ways To Transform A Normal Saturday Afternoon Into A Day Your Kid Will Never Forget

Transform your weekend from monstrous to marvellous, and then watch the Wishbones transform from a normal family into a Monster Family, out in cinemas March 2.

1. Go on a real-life treasure hunt.

2. Or create a bespoke scavenger hunt in their favourite place.

3. Play dress-up as a family.

4. Make an indoor zipline and take their favourite toys on a joy ride.

5. Host an epic dance party.

6. Turn your kitchen into a science lab.

7. Or play sous-chef to your kid, and have them become a top chef.

8. Turn your house into a DIY carnival.

9. Or host a board game tournament.

10. Take a road trip.

11. Develop green thumbs.

12. Repurpose the recycling.

13. Organise a DEAR day.

14. Become amateur investigators.

15. Make some movie magic.

If making a movie isn't your style, you could always go to the movies! For the perfect Saturday afternoon with the family, go to see Monster Family, out March 2.

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