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10 People Who Changed Careers And Succeeded

Just because you start your career in one profession DOES NOT mean you need to settle. Take a look at these people who followed their true passions and successfully changed their careers. And who knows, you might find that one job that'll change everything for you on

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1. Before Julia Child became one of the most well-known chefs and cookbook authors of all time...

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...she was in fact an intelligence officer for the CIA!

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2. Before Josie Natori built her career as a successful fashion designer...

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

...she was a VP of investment banking on Wall Street.

3. Before James McCann founded the mega flower business 1-800-FLOWERS...

STYLEMOM / Via Flickr: stylemom

...he was helping out the community as a social worker.

4. Before Walt Disney succeeded at revolutionizing animation in movies...

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...he was a newspaper editor.

5. Before Andrea Bocelli decided to make a career off his natural-born talent of opera singing...

Allen Berezovsky / WireImage / Getty Images

...he was a court-appointed lawyer.

6. Before Paul English became a travel expert by co-founding

rfong / Via Flickr: rfong

...he was working at a venture capital firm.

7. Before Joy Behar look the leap to become successful in her comedy career...

ABC, Donna Svennevik / AP

...she was a high school English teacher.

8. Before Nate Silver became one of the most well-known statisticians and a successful writer...

Nam Y. Huh / AP

...he was an economic consultant for KPMG.

9. Before John Hughes directed and created some of the most iconic teen films...

...he was a successful copywriter in advertising.

10. Before Howard Schultz dominated the coffee business as Starbucks' CEO...

Sakchai Lalit, File / AP

...he was a successful sales representative for Xerox.