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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Monopoly

For a game that everyone and their mother has played, people seem to know little about its history. Next time you play, you'll look like a real pro — especially if you pull out MONOPOLY with the new cat token. (Bet you didn't know that!)

1. Parker Brothers released the first official MONOPOLY game in 1935 — in the midst of the Great Depression.

2. During WWII, the British government used MONOPOLY to help POWs escape the Nazis.

3. "Marvin Gardens" is a misspelling.

4. In the classic version of MONOPOLY from the '30s, the bank contained a mere $15,140.

5. Free Parking does not equal free money.

6. Mr. Monopoly's original name was Rich Uncle Pennybags.

7. The dude behind bars is "Jake the Jailbird."

8. Mediterranean Avenue is statistically the worst property.

Its position on the board dictates it's the least likely property you'll land on.

Above: Even with a hotel, Mediterranean Avenue is never going to look as good as the REAL Mediterranean. Sorry.

9. The longest game ever played lasted 1,680 hours, or 70 days.

10. Although more than five million individual house pieces have been produced, there is only one real MONOPOLY house.