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17 Times Colton Haynes Was #TBT Perfection

We wish it was Thursday everyday.

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Buzzfeed / Monique Steele / Jason Merritt

This is Colton Haynes.

Beautiful, beautiful Colton Haynes.

You might recognize him from Arrow...

Or maybe you know him from just being flawless on the internet.

But the only thing better than Colton Haynes...

1. I mean, look how adorable he is, showing us the true meaning of the puppy dog pout.

2. And how impeccably he rocked a bowl cut, a feat once considered impossible.

(He's the one on the left.)

3. His self-assured manner could inspire the worst of us to be our best selves.

4. And his oh-so-casual pose with a baseball bat makes you suddenly interested in organized sports.

5. He apparently never knew the true pains of an awkward middle school existence.

6. And he knows exactly how you felt in high school.

7. His lovely headshot is probably what inspired Flynn Rider's signature smolder.
Walt Disney Studios / Via

*ahem* Proof!

8. And he somehow manages to encapsulate the look of every teen crush you ever had in a single photograph.

9. He unwittingly got you to change your stance on grinding.

10. And completely upstages every A&F model in this photo with only his jawline.

11. He's a vision of rosy cheeked goodness with little to no effort.

12. He has a look that offhandedly lets you know that he can keep you warm no matter what the weather.

13. His smile could probably initiate world peace.

14. And his reimagining of Linus van Pelt is the most precious thing you've ever seen.

15. His finesse while riding a bicycle (IN A SUIT) is proof that we've all been doing it wrong.

16. And his petulant merman routine is the single best reason to go to the beach.

17. If Oscar nominations were awarded for impeccable charm, and a gorgeous jaw line, he'd be first in line.

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