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Premiere: The "Boyhood" Soundtrack's Sentimental Centerpiece Gets A Timely New Music Video

Family of The Year's sweet anthem "Hero" was all over The Golden Globes.

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This past Sunday, Richard Linklatter's Boyhood won three Golden Globes. Each time the film's name was announced, the anthemic song "Hero" by Family of the Year played in the background.

Elizabeth Weinberg / Via

Family of the Year's "Hero" was featured in Boyhood's trailer and soundtrack, with lyrics like "I'm a kid like everyone else" and "I don't wanna be your big man" perfectly encapsulating the adolescent and teenage angst of Mason, played by Ellar Coltrane.

Nettwerk / IFC Films

The song also plays for two dialogue-free minutes during the film's climax when Mason heads to college.

Coinciding with Boyhood's six Oscar nominations, Family of the Year has just released a new, alternate music video, tying together clips of the band with integral scenes from the film.

Watch the music video in full below via Nettwerk and IFC Films, and purchase the full Boyhood soundtrack via Nonesuch.

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