Kanye's 'Yeezus' Is Reimagined As A Christmas Album

    "Kid asked what I wished for on my wishlist / Have you ever asked a kid for other kidses?"

    Three-man sketch comedy troupe Local Business Comedy remade Kanye's widely-lauded Yeezus into the more holiday-friendly Kreezus (full title: Kris Kreezus - Tiz the Reazus for the Seazus.)

    "New Slaves" as "New Sleighs" is pure genius.

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    "Y'all sledda can't fuck with me / Y'all sleddas can't fuck with Kring!"

    "Black Skinhead" is "Red Hat Head," a song in which improv comedian Carl Tart, as both Kanye and Santa, describes his methods.


    "Billions of gifts / That I’ll lift In my red vest / I’m so swift!"

    "All them other Kringles lame / And ya know I’m packed," Carl Tart raps on "Wrapped 2," because we all know Kanye would be the cockiest Santa around.

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    Listen to the festive album in its entirety below.


    Have a Merry Kanyemas, everyone!