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To My Cancer Warrior

The harsh reality of life is that we will come to an end of our time on earth. There was a time when the most common cause of death was the flu. But our society has advanced far beyond that point... that we have had man walk the moon. However, in two thousand and seventeen, cancer is still at a rapidly fast pace taking countless lives. Many which that are young. Vast majority of people have been touched by cancer and when one person in the family has cancer, the family fights with them. This letter is to my loved one and the millions of others who are now at rest from their battle, from me and you. To my dearest loved one, cancer is a horrific disease that doesn’t pick and choose you by deliberate but rather doesn’t discriminate and it could have been any one of us. It is a type of disease that is just random and horrible fortune. Yes, you and I were both told there are steps that can be taken to prevent such kind of an illness, but in reality there was nothing you or I could have done, it was simply cruel luck. I want you to know that none of this was was your fault and you are by far the most inspiring person I had ever come across. You fought unbreakably hard. You were a warrior and you gave it everything you had. Cancer is the most arduous and harshest disease. Whilst there was medication to help you, the medication left you worse off. The chemotherapy made you tired, nauseous, bruise and loose your hair. The radiotherapy burnt your brain and often left you extremely knocked down. The operations were excruciating and whilst it prolonged your life which meant I had you for longer, it meant many more days of you suffering. The cancer changed you into everything that you didn’t want to be. I want you to know how proud I am of you. Through your days of pain, you still smiled and comforted me whilst I was down. You put me first and always made sure I was okay. I needed you much more than you needed me. I also want you to know I never left your side, I watched you through the window as you were preparing for your surgery. I watched you through all your X-rays and MRI scans. I sat by your bed each and every day. I was there when you woke up and as you went to sleep. I prayed by your side, for a miracle then I prayed for you to be free from your pain. I sat by your bed as you took your final breaths and until they took you away. I was behind you as they laid you to rest. I want you to know you didn’t loose your battle to cancer, cancer lost to you. I know you could have kept on going, I know you could have slayed the beast but it was your time to rest. You made me so honoured and proud. I know we will meet again one day. I know you are free of cancer; you are out of pain. Now my suffering has begun. I miss you more than words can describe. I love you and I need you. But nothing makes me happier than knowing you have won back your health, perhaps not on earth but you are free. You will never be forgotten because you are the best there is. Your face, smile or voice is something that will never leave our minds. Your belongings will always be as they were just in case you pop in for a visit. You will always be loved. Now rest my warrior.

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