An Ode To The Computer Lab

The best part of any fifth grader’s day.

You raced to get the least sticky mouse.

Then took a minute to get out of the screen saver’s trance.

And settled into one hour of pencil-free technological bliss.

Your teacher had you start with Mavis Beacon. You always picked games over lessons.

You never used the right fingers, but Ms Beacon couldn’t tell.

But when you were ready for really intense learning, it was time for Number Muncher.

There was no better motivation to get the right answer then getting those frogs to smile.

If you were feeling really ambitious you could attempt world domination with Civilization.

Or if you’re feeling less ambitious, Sim City

If it was taking forever to load..

You could always take out a worksheet.

Or you could just grab Kid Pix and show off your amazing artistic ability.

Even if you didn’t get to the Kid Pix disk in time, you could always doodle with Microsoft Paint.

Or play around with Word Art, because everything is better in block rainbow letters.

When the teacher’s wasn’t looking, you snuck online.

Or pulled up all the secrets you stored on your floppy disk.

When you heard the teacher’s footsteps, you put in Oregon Trail.

Or the less exciting Amazon Trail.

Not as good as Oregon Trail, but the characters did have some pretty great backstories.

Then there was just enough time to start a very important Power Point presentation (including plenty of transition effects)…

And play a quick game of Frogger. All in all a successful day in the computer lab.

Because you were still too young to realize what it was really teaching you.

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