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    17 Reasons Body Glitter Was The Best Accessory

    Dab some on and it's the '90s again.

    1. It could be found in the greatest stores.

    If you were already there for glitter, you could pick up a few snap bracelets too.

    2. There was no wrong way to apply it.

    Giving children windex bottles filled with the stuff was a widely used practice of the decade.

    3. It sometimes involved roller balls.

    The best method of make-up application.

    4. But it could also come in tubes.

    Portable, in case you need to add some glitter to your shoulders unexpectedly.

    5. Or pots.

    Perfect for desk or dresser bling.

    6. It could be scented.

    When you wanted to be sparkly and smell like a jolly rancher.

    7. You could get really creative with it.

    Flickr: erinsavage

    It's not shown but that shimmering spider is actually following a unicorn.

    8. It could be subtle.

    Just a few dabs on your cheeks totally took the attention off your braces.

    9. Or bold.

    Glitter eye accents are best paired with nude lips and pink hair.

    10. It was stackable.

    Meaning it could fit in your big sister's purse or your pencil case.

    11. It could be DIY.

    If you couldn't get to the mall stealing from the art department was always an option.

    12. It was the Lucky Charms of make-up.

    Hearts, stars, rainbows, anything could pop up in the jars of neon goop.

    13. It was worn by the strangest celebs.

    Getty Images

    Gwen Stefani even dealt with body glitter's bolder cousin, the face jewel.

    14. And the most mainstream.

    Getty Images

    Britney favored the daring shoulder-chest-and face dusting.

    15. It perfectly highlighted your best features.

    Nothing says look at this like glitter accents.

    16. It came in every color.

    You simply had decide if you were going for a cute fairy look or a demon fairy of darkness look.

    17. You couldn't overdo it.

    With each application, you just became more fabulous.