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What Will Be Happened When Obsessed With Social Media

Social media is an amazing tool that allowed people around the world to connect faster and sharing amazing things. However, the line between reality and life on social media need to be balanced. let's talk about some negative impact resulting from social media.

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1. Confidence and self-esteem / Via

When you see people with beautiful things or going to amazing places and your own life feels diminished or uninspired. People’ interpretation on other posts on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram might give the negative psychological impact resulting from the interaction on social networking platforms. The most important thing is when people post their amazing life on social media that is not 100% amazing, don’t take other people’s life to compare with yourself, social media is not a way to measure life. Everyone has a unique and perfect life with their own story.

2. More phone interaction than the person next to you / Via

I’m not saying spend time on social media is wasting of time, to be honest lots of people lived on social media and social media is their career. When going out or having dinner with friends or family, it is annoying while a person keeps checking their phone. Trying not to ignore people who actual around you and put your social media in a first place unless you have important thing need to deal with it

3. The interruption of our emotional life / Via

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in what’s going on in social media that people will neglect their real-life relationship. Social media is a fast way to get knowing someone, even though social media is a part refection of your life, it is not all your life. To maintain a relationship with people you love, face to face conversation is more important than having conversation though social media, especially for parents who is not good at social media.

4. Fight for likes


Posting your status on social media like Facebook or Instagram to grab others attention become a habit in nowadays. It results in never ending competition for “likes” and increase your desire for getting attention.

5. False sense of belonging and connecting / Via

When people use social media for connecting, sometimes they neglect to build the real-life relationship because social media bring the false sense of connecting. The online community provides more easy way for people communicate with each other, online user making the connection by sending the message and reply each other through social media, however, it also makes us so easy to lose someone in cyberspace. That is so different from the real-world connection.

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