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10 Etsy Office Products That Will Make You Look Put Together.

If you never use it, it will look really cute on your desk at least.

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1. A Millennial Pink~ traveller's notebook, perfect for bullet journalling and writing the names of your enemies.

Pssst this comes with goodies!

Pssst this comes with goodies!

2. A catch all for your phone, money, keys, and social security card.

DezCustomCreations | Etsy / Via

3. A mousepad that manifests for you.

Fieldtrip | Etsy / Via

4. For lovers of diction, grammar, and the oxford comma.

NewtonAndTheApple | Etsy / Via

5. Wacky~ holiday date stickers when looking at your planner is too stressful.

Once More With Love | Etsy / Via

6. Extra.

BlissfulPerfections | Etsy / Via

7. Creative warriors tackling Monday like:

Ancient Workshop | Etsy / Via

8. Try to lose your favorite pen now Brenda, I dare you.

iWoodDesignUA | Etsy / Via

9. A little green never hurt anyone.

FunUsualSuspects | Etsy / Via

10. Marble. Everything.

NoBadMondays | Etsy / Via
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