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11 Things To Do With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

*silence* ......what is this.....left over speak of??

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If you're like normal people, you'd tell me to shut up and proceed to keep stuffing your face with candy and ask "What do you mean what do I do with it?" in utter disbelief someone could ask such a silly question.

If you do have left over candy (you weirdo are you even human) you could have a candy pairing party and pair candy with different kinds of wine or craft beer until you and your friends feel disgusted with yourselves.

Another great option is to donate your left over candy. One such place to donate is the Ronald Mcdonald House, who will give donated candy to ill and hospitalized children and their families.

Another charity to donate candy to is to Operation Gratitude, where candy is shipped to troops over seas.

When it comes to donating candy, think locally as well! Ask your hometown shelter or soup kitchen if they accept candy, and help make a difference to someone in your own community!

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