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What to get him for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for three months or three years, these are the best valentine’s gifts for your man.

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1. An expected gift but one which they will love. Comme des Garcons Wonderwood

Your guy will most likely know you got him an aftershave but when he sees this gift, it will get a reaction out of him. More like ‘what is this’. This gift will be good if he’s been thinking of trying a new scent. The ingredients in this aftershave just scream MANLY as you will see it saying “Somalian incense, Madagascan pepper” and many more. 100ml £83 at House of Frasers

2. Amazon Echo, Alexa

When you’re not home, your man will probably want someone to talk to so why not get him an Amazon Echo aka ‘Alexa’. He will love this gift because she does everything he says for example” Alexa, what’s the weather forecast today” and it will give him an answer. It will also play all his songs which he requests.

£145.99 at Currys

3. Haig Club Whisky

The 2016 latest and most popular whisky, ‘Haig Club’. This drink is owned by David Beckham who is probably your guy’s #MCM (Man Crush Monday) as it is every other guys. This will also be a great drink to have at the end of the night with dark chocolate to warm up the heart of a man.

£25 at Morrisons

4. Earrings for you, Headphones for him.

Headphones will be the closest thing to earring that your man will wear. The Sony headphones will do him best as they are wireless, high quality and they are not pricey. So it’s a win, win situation.

£69.99 at Amazon

5. ‘All black everything’ Casio All-Black Resin Watch

Your man will love this watch as a gift and you may be asking why? Well it’s a basic watch and simple. It goes with everything and anything he wears. It’s stylish, cool and unique.

£14.89 at Amazon

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