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11 Ways To Let Your Car Know Winter Is Coming

You may not be suiting up to defend your kingdom as it gets colder outside, but you still should properly prepare your precious car for such conditions! Drive safer and smarter as the snow begins to fall with a little guidance from Exxon and Mobil.

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1. First of all, make sure you're storing plenty of blankets.

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2. Repair that faulty heater that you meant to get fixed last spring.

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3. Check your snow tires!

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4. If you're expecting a particularly bad winter, put on tire chains.

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5. Invest in a remote car starter.

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6. And perhaps look into installing seat warmers.

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7. Make sure you're stocked with wiper fluid.

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8. And double-check that you have plenty of ice scrapers on hand.

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9. Store towels in your glove compartment to wipe off condensation.

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10. Keep extra warm clothes in the trunk.

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11. And finally, be sure to always have snacks on hand.

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