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14 Valentines That’ll Make People Think You’ve Been Planning Since January

There's more out there than convenience-store cards and candy. And if you're looking to really go the extra mile, say “I love you” with personalized chocolate from My M&M’s.

1. This adorably nerdy decodable message:

crankbunny / Via

2. This heart made out of folded pages:

Meiorigami / Via

3. This delightfully retro typewriter poster:

handz / Via

4. This card carved from wood:

Cardtorial / Via

5. This adorable sloth who will give you the slowest, sweetest hug imaginable:

AwesomeStation / Via

6. This to-the-point, letterpressed card:

SteelPetalPress / Via

7. This sound wave print (say whatever your heart desires and get it printed out!):

NewtonAndTheApple / Via

8. These engraved love locks:

TanjaBraun / Via

9. This compass for long-distance love:

soradesigns / Via

10. Or these personalized pillows (for giving a squeeze when you can't be together):

coverLove / Via

11. This burlap coffee koozie that's just too cute:

LiamLane / Via

12. The heart-shaped stones of sweetness:

MedBeachStones / Via

13. This punny guitar pick:

Sierra Metal Design / Via

14. And this classic cat card that will never go out of style:

Joe Haupt (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 51764518@N02