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10 Amazing Video Game Victories

All hail the greatest of the nerds. Think you have what it takes to be the next game master? Take on MLB 2K13's Perfect Game Challenge for a chance to win some serious cash.

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1. Billy Mitchell was the first person to ever achieve a perfect score in Pac-man. He also has his own brand of hot sauce.

2. In 2009, 21 years after the release of Tetris, Harry Hong became the first player ever to achieve a perfect score of 999,999.

3. College pitcher Chris Gilmore collected a healthy check after dominating the MLB 2K12 Perfect Game Challenge tournament.

The next winner could be you. Find out more now.

The next winner could be you. Find out more now.

4. Daigo Umehara took down Justin Wong in Street Fighter III: Third Strike at the EVO World Championships Finals in 2004. It was nuts.

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5. Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel chalked up a record setting 671 kills in 60 minutes playing Quake.

6. Steve Wiebe was the first person to collect over a million points in a public game of Donkey Kong.

7. In 1985, James Vollandt played 67 and a half straight hours of Joust. He collected a high score along the way which went unbeaten until 2010 when John McAllister overtook him.

8. Lee "Flash" Young Ho earned his first Golden Mouse taking down Lee Jae Dong three years in a row in the StarCraft: Brood War OLS finals.

9. On July 15, 2012, Michael Smith scored a Frogger world record high score of 970,440 points, beating out Pat Laffaye's score of 896,980 from 2009, and George Costanza's score of 860,630.

10. Jimmy Woods amazed all at Video Armageddon when he found a warp whistle in the final seconds of the unreleased Super Mario Bros. 3.