Basketball Player Answers Completely Normal Question With Reference To Pig Genitals

Um, what?

One of the funniest story lines of the NBA playoffs has been the resurrection of onetime star/ballhog Tracy McGrady as a scrub on the San Antonio Spurs, who are now playing the Heat in the NBA Finals.

Eric Gay / AP

Once a perennial All-Star, McGrady is now filling out the end of the Spurs’ bench. A lot of good teams will bring in past-their-prime vets to fill out a roster, the idea being that these guys have been around the block and know how to show up on time, stay ready, and keep quiet in a way a younger, more headstrong player might not.

Basically, teams are hoping that these players will not create bizarre distractions like the one T-Mac created today when a reporter asked him if he’s prepared to play major minutes should the Spurs need him to.

Eric Gay / AP

His response was perfectly absurd.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

8. What does that even mean? Glad you asked…

10. Who the hell says stuff like that? Where did Tracy McGrady learn that phrase?

12. Tracy McGrady is from Florida.

14. It all makes sense now.

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