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    Updated on Jul 30, 2018. Posted on Jul 29, 2018

    23 Animals Who Are Definitely Wondering "How Did I Get Here?"

    Wait, what?

    1. This Vizsla who regrets everything:

    2. This cow:

    3. This cat questioning every decision in her life:

    4. This Dachshund and his crown:

    GallowBoob /

    5. This dog who entered at his own risk:

    GallowBoob /

    6. This possum who stumbled on heaven:

    7. This curious doggo:

    GallowBoob /

    8. This cat who is cool with staying back a year:

    -N3ptun3- /

    9. This dog who found a bunch of new friends:

    TheNutsCracker /

    10. These ducks who found Shangri-La:

    GallowBoob /

    11. This rabbit who does not know what he signed up for:

    EternityOfDeath /

    12. This astronaut:

    13. This organized kitten:

    curious_cat123456 /

    14. This cute pooch who's getting their nails did:

    OllyTwist /

    15. This dog who found his true home:

    sidshembekar /

    16. This kitty who found paradise:

    -N3ptun3- /

    17. This older dog who became a young pup's stool:

    Skalron /

    18. This ring-tailed lemur who ordered a drink 15 minutes ago and is on his last ounce of patience:

    GallowBoob /

    19. This dog who got stuck in his happy place:

    23poppies /

    20. The Trenta-serving of cuteness:

    21. The chubby trash panda:

    RicardusAlpert /

    22. This cat who just found out it's a coffee table:

    23. And this kitty who has no idea how they got there, but who doesn't plan on leaving.

    Check out more cute confused animals at r/ThisIsMyLifeNow

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