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    Watch The NBA's Best-Dressed Sideline Reporter Throw Down A Monster Slam

    Who says journalists aren't athletes?

    Craig Sager is known as TNT's eccentrically-dressed sideline reporter who is treated more as a courtside jester than an actual journalist.

    Jesse D. Garrabrant / Getty Images

    This perception might have somewhat to do with Sager's unapologetically horrific wardrobe.

    Garrett W. Ellwood / Getty Images

    However, TNT has released exclusive video that proves Sager is much more than simply a collection of visually offensive clothing patterns.

    Scott Cunningham / Getty Images

    In fact, they turned back the clock to Sager's more youthful days, when he was recognized for his on-court exploits just as much as his courtside interviews.

    Meet Craig "Skywalker" Sager.

    Who proved once and for all that basketball was not meant to be played by middle-aged men on a 8-foot hoop.

    h/t Big Lead via @mattejacob