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Watch A Professional Golfer Dish Out Some Serious Street Justice

Follow golf etiquette or pay the consequences.

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Golf courses around the country are plagued by brash and inconsiderate players who refuse to abide by the unwritten rules of the game. Their indiscretions routinely go unreported and unpunished. Frustrated golfers have been waiting for a hero to arise from the unreplaced divots and unraked sand traps — that man is Dick Fowler, P.I..

The hot-tempered, badge-toting mustachioed alter-ego of professional golfer Rickie Fowler, Dick Fowler P.I. is a man on a mission to reform and eliminate these assholes from the golf course.

Armed with a deadly accurate driver and incredibly intimidating facial hair, Fowler and his caddie patrol golf courses in search of assholes in the need of an attitude adjustment.

Think no one is going to catch you shaving a couple strokes off your round?

You thought wrong.

Don't feel like replacing your divot? Well, Dick Fowler will make you eat it.

You think it's HILARIOUS to beep your horn while driving by a golf course?

You're not going to make the mistake again.

Because you'll be dead.

Thank you, Dick Fowler for taking out the trash.