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Unexpectedly Awesome Dance Battle Breaks Out At NBA Game

This is why the Dance Cam was invented.

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Everyone knows the Dance Cam at sporting events is society's greatest arbiter of rhythmic talent across the country — and last week at a Detroit Pistons game, the cameras at The Palace at Auburn Hills found our newest star.

The young fan completely won over the crowd with his infectious smile and a wide variety of flawless moves.

The Dance Cam and the crowd were transfixed as he popped and locked into the hearts of fans everywhere.

Then, when our young hero was seemingly out of funky fresh moves, he bid farewell to his legions of fans.


This Pistons usher wasn't about to be upstaged by some child!

So our hero put his game face on and got down with his bad self.

But the usher was all like, "That's all you got, little man?"

Then the future star of Step Up 13 did some, um, pointing.

Then the usher brought the house down with what appears to be some kind of Beyoncé impression.

Then our future president went back to the well one last time to give the crowd exactly what it needed.

Who won? Anyone with a pulse.

Watch the whole battle here:

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h/t: Bleacher Report