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    Top ESPN Personality Goes On Phenomenally Sexist Rant Against Robert Griffin's Fiancee

    "Understand something. You’re a woman..."

    This week, Robert Griffin III has received a bit of criticism for tweeting a photo of gifts fans have bought him and his fiancée off their wedding registry. (Griffin hadn't asked anyone to buy him anything — a Washington Post writer was the one who'd figured out the registry was public.)

    Of course, some members of the media have blown this non-issue way out of proportion and made it a referendum on RGIII's judgment and character. Most notably ESPN's Stephen A. Smith yesterday on ESPN radio's Mike and Mike Show.

    Excuse me?

    Okay, now tell us how you REALLY feel.

    What's your prescription, love doctor?

    Okay, someone please stop him. When even Stephen A. Smith knows he's said something stupid, the situation has gotten dire.

    Yes, because anything household-related besides mowing the lawn and punching things is a woman's job. Where is the plug, and why hasn't it been pulled?

    What's cute or nice about calling your fiancée HIS ACTUAL NAME?!?

    Another day, another dollar, another nonsensical rant for ESPN's most visible moron.

    h/t Reva Friedel Awful Announcing & Sarah Kogod Washington Post