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13 Times LeBron Was Super Likable In His New Nike Commercial

Warning: You might start rooting for King James again.

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1. When he greeted his young bicycle crew.

2. When he said "what up" to some old guy playing dominos.

3. When he raced this kid.

4. Then gave him some daps for practicing good bicycle safety.

5. During his intense workout montage.

6. When he disrobed and started a riot on the beach...

7. And ruined this guy's day.

8. When he did his Rocky II impression.

9. When he surprised these kids at the park.

10. And proceeded to dunk on them.

11. When he gave the kid with a young Kobe 'fro his stinky kicks.

12. When he did his Forrest Gump impression.

13. When he didn't invite anyone into his mansion for water and orange slices.


Okay, maybe that's the same ol' LeBron, but in his defense there were a lot of people and he probably didn't have enough oranges.

Watch the entire sure-fire classic Nike ad here:

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