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    This Is What It Looks Like When A 60-Year-Old Man Gets A Back Tattoo

    Rick Pitino is a man of his word.

    Before the NCAA tournament, Louisville coach Rick Pitino made a bet with his players: If they won the National Championship, he would get inked up.

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    After the Cardinals cut down the nets in Atlanta, Peyton Siva revealed the team's true inspiration for the team's incredible run...

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    Rick Pitino doesn't welsh on a bet. Here is an exclusive picture of his championship tattoo.

    In our opinion, he went a little overboard.

    Just kidding!

    But still, seeing a fresh tattoo on a 60-year-old man isn't the most visually appealing sight in the world.

    Louisville Sports Information

    ESPN reports that tattoo parlor gave Pitino the tattoo on the house.

    I was running a free special for any Hall of Fame coaches who won an NCAA championship in the last 30 days.

    Louisville Sports Information

    No word on what Pitino will do if Louisville wins this year. Maybe he should get his tongue pierced.

    h/t ESPN