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    The Safest Way To Break Up A Double Play

    How to survive baseball's dangerous base paths.

    Baseball players have a proud tradition of sacrificing their lives in order to save their team an out. However with great sacrifice comes immense pain.

    One of the most common places to get injured on a baseball diamond is while recklessly sliding into second base.

    It's the place where quads, hamstrings, wrists, fingers, ankles and kneecaps go to die as base runners bulldoze their way through shortstops and second basemen like football players through tackling dummies.

    Some players -- like Pittsburgh's Andrew McCutchen -- learn from their base path beatings. After the young superstar got his head bashed in by Mark Ellis while breaking up a double play in 2010 he made the appropriate adjustments.

    Just surprise the second baseman by jumping up in the air and asking for a two-handed high-five and he totally won't throw the ball down your throat!

    I mean as long as it's a dead ball, or else Dan Uggla would probably try to throw the ball through his chest.